It's Me, Josh!

I am a second year PhD student at The University of Texas at Austin advised by Joydeep Biswas and Swarat Chaudhuri. I am interested in neuro-symbolic program synthesis, robotics, and reinforcement learning. Additionally, I am a proud alum of Northeastern University Khoury College and CCIS.


  • Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Creating methods that learn more optimal neural policies for a variety of continuous domains

  • NeuroSymbolic Programming

    Techniques that leverage the reliability and strength of formal methods in combination with the power of neural networks

  • Robotics

    Deploying trained models to robots to test algorithms and techniques in the physical world

Extra Bits

During my undergraduate at Northeastern, I taught CS1210

Following the long-standing tradition of shamelessly sharing my own advice as the only answer, I have a started a blog to share my experiences, successes, shortcomings, and advice that I've collected long the way. From how I found schools, why I wanted to pursue my PhD, my personal statement, the importance of research, and other applications. I hope this helps this in your pursuits!